Is Rihanna The New Face Of Chanel?

Rihanna has spent the last few weeks broadcasting a lot of love for Chanel accessories across her social media profiles, prompting speculation that she’s about to be unveiled as the new face of the luxury brand’s jewellery campaign. 

The star has posted dozens of snaps to her Instagram page featuring Chanel cuffs, pearl statement necklaces, brooches and earrings, while at last night’s Diamonds tour show at the Staples Centre in LA, she took to the red carpet dripping in Chanel charms, which she teamed with a white short suit. 

Rumours about the star’s involvement with Chanel date back to January this year, when Rihanna revealed she was on a top secret fashion shoot for an ad camapign, and posted a picture of herself wearing multiple Chanel necklaces. If that’s not a massive hint, we don’t know what is. 

Ri-Ri’s been signing off all her Chanel-related tweets and Instagram posts with #cccertified, quoting the brand’s signature ‘CC’ logo. 

Spill the beans, lady – the suspense is killing us! 

By Rebecca Martin, 10th April 2013

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