Is LUXY The New Dating App To Rival Tinder?

LUXY is the dating app that everyone’s talking about. Why? Because LUXY promises to upgrade your Tinder experience from economy to first class. Apparently.

LUXY calls itself the No. 1 Millionaire’s Dating Club and it encourages the elite, rich and famous to join their matchmaking group. 

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‘Our members include CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, millionaires, beauty queens, fitness models, Hollywood celebrities and more,’ says CEO Tim T. LUXY’s like Tinder, but without the poor people.” Classy. 

> Dating a LUXY member might involve this


Members have to list their earnings on their profile and are expected to post pictures of their ‘rich lifestyles’ to prove their worth – you know, like posing in your new Charlotte Olympia heels or posting a selfie in your Dior sunglasses, obvs – while a new LUXY feature means members can no longer join without being vouched for.

“With this new feature, members of LUXY hold the key to deciding whether new members qualify to join LUXY or not. Now, you need to be both rich and attractive to be a part of this dating platform,” says Tim.

Hmmm… not much focus on personality there, eh? On LUXY you can also list your favourite hobbies on your profile, like horse riding or flying, and you can create the list of your favourite brands like Prada, Cartier and Burberry, so that potential dates might know what to buy you if you do meet.

We’re not a big fan but with 1.5 million users (and more joining every day), it looks like LUXY’s not going anywhere. Still, we think we might stick with Tinder for now… 

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