Is Lindsay Lohan Really Pregnant?

Lindsay Lohan created a media frenzy with one simple tweet last night, which was retweeted over 12,235 times and favourited a whopping 4,459 times.

The star said: “Its official. Pregnant…” 

Umm… what’s that now? The star has yet to shed any more light on the announcement, and her management team have yet to confirm or deny the news.

It was, of course, April Fools Day yesterday, so most believe that Lindsay’s tweet, much like Tom Daley‘s new pet micro pig, is just a big old prank. 

Someone who will be panicking at the news is the star’s current boyfriend, City Of The Sun guitarist Avi Snow. The pair were last spotted together at a nightclub in Brazil. And while Avi hasn’t confirmed that the pair are officially dating, he recently said in an interview: “She’s really awesome, and she’s a lot of fun.”  

So are the pair really about to become parents?

Lindsay is set to complete a 90-day stint in rehab and serve 30 days community service for allegations of reckless driving and providing false information to LA police. She’s also required to undergo 18 months of psychotherapy treatment. We’re not sure how a pregnancy will fit into that equation. The star has until 2 May to enrol in a rehab programme. 

Come on, Lindsay. Don’t leave us hanging… RM