Is Jessie J Dating Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard?

Jessie J has responded to claims that she’s dating Justin Bieber‘s bodyguard, and the Price Tag singer is not a happy bunny.

Our favourite fashionista was spotted out in London earlier this week, linking arms with Justin Bieber’s bodyguard, Kenny. Annoyingly he’s been cut out of our picture, so you can’t see his face (boooo).

On the night in question, Jessie and Kenny had been partying at the Cirque Du Soir nightclub when Kenny tweeted: “Dinner with my fav british lady @JessieJ.”

This morning, Jessie took to Twitter to deny she’s dating him. She said: “Some people just make up anything. I get jokes reading about my ‘life’ when its complete lies. Some people really need to get a job.”

Clearly enjoying the rumours, Kenny responded with: “Lol, it’s hilarious though! Hahaha.” Ha!

Jessie has announced the release date of her official book, which means it won’t be long before we know the truth about her private life.

We. Can’t. Wait. RM