This Is The Ideal Number Of Coffees To Have In A Day

Forget all those warnings about too much coffee being bad for you – we’re now being encouraged to drink multiple cups a day.

Yep, apparently, there is an optimum number of coffees to consume over a 24 hour period. And it’s way more than you’d expect.

According to Vasanti Malik, a research scientinst at the Harvard T.H. Chan of Public Health who took part in a Q&A on Reddit, it’s not one, two, three or four cups that are good for you. It’s MORE.

‘Provided that it is minimally sweetened with sugar and not loaded with whipped cream it can definitely be part of a healthy diet’, she said when asked by one user if coffee was bad for us.

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‘Coffee, whether its caffeinated or decaf, contains a number of healthful vitamins and nutrients and findings from our studies have shown associations with reduced risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality.’

Yay! And it gets better.

‘Benefits are seen up to about five cups per day, after that there does not appear to be any additional benefit.’

Five cups a day?! Ah-mazing. So go, run free and enjoy that caffeine fix. Just bre prepared to be bouncing off the walls a little bit…