Hold Up. Is Celebrity Big Brother’s Chloe Khan Actually ‘Married’…?

We ALL watched as CBB's Chloe and Bear got close (again) last night. But there's a big rumour doing the rounds on the internet...

Chloe Khan has been getting quite a bit of attention from her fellow housemates on Celebrity Big Brother.

Heavy D was clearly harbouring feelings for her, with the former X Factor star squashing his advances by telling him that she had a ‘fella’ watching on the outside.

Chloe Khan Heavy D

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This lead many to question whether the glamorous housemate did actually have a boyfriend, or whether she was just saying that to let Heavy D (real name Colin) down gently.

Now, rumours are circulating the internet about her relationship status.

And according to Daily Star Online, she’s actually ‘married’. Errr.

The report alleges that she tied the knot with her childhood beau five years ago, and ‘still lives with her husband’.

In fact, the publication also points out that Chloe has the initials of her ‘husband’ tattooed on that finger – and there’s even an Instagram picture which seems to support this.


A photo posted by ?Chloe Khan? (@chloe.khan) on

A source allegedly told the Daily Star, ‘Chloe’s biggest secret is that she is married, which is why she changed her surname from Heald to Khan.’

The source continues, ‘They are still 100% together, they went for dinner just before she went into CBB. They’ve known each other since they were kids.’

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Of course, Chlo’ is currently in the Big Brother house – and we ALL know what happened between her and Bear last night – but her manager has addressed the claims.

In a statement published on OK!, Chloe’s manager said, ‘There are many rumours circulating at present about Chloe’s private life. However, seeing as she’s locked-up inside the CBB house, I don’t want to comment on any rumours.

‘If Chloe chooses to, she can address rumours directly when she leaves the house.’