The iPhone App You Should Probably Delete If You Want To Save Your Battery

Battery draining quicker than usual? It could be time to get rid of this app

Not having enough phone charge is the bane of all our lives. With the many, many apps we all use on a daily basis (cough, Instagram), it’s no surprise that we lose juice faster than you can say ‘can I borrow your iPhone charger?’

And if you’ve updated your iPhone recently, you may have noticed your battery levels are plummeting even faster than usual, something software bosses are currently working on a fix for.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, folks – apparently, following the latest iOS update (11.1.1), one app is draining our batteries even quicker than usual thanks to a fun little bug. Great.

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If like us you love watching beauty tutorials back to back on the YouTube app, it may be time to switch over to the web version for a bit.

Apparently there’s a conflict with the new update on both iPhone and iPad versions of the app that causes accelerated battery drainage – even when you don’t have the app open.

Users say that the app drains as much as 20% of their battery in as little as half an hour, according to The Daily Mail.


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YouTube has tweeted to say that it’s something they are ‘actively working on.’

But for now, we may just have to shelve our vlog addiction for a bit.

By Lucy Abbersteen