Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Products

We’re still reeling from last night’s excitement at ALL the Apple news. 

With so many new nuggets of technology information, it was difficult to keep up. So we’ve selected the important bites of information you need to know. 

1. The selfie button

Apple knows what’s important. They actually coined the phrase ’emergency selfie’. Kim Kardashian would be proud. 


The new iPhone includes a new function which will make it so much easier to whip out your phone and nail that selfie. 

You know, because when the lighting is perfectly on point, you just need to capture the flawless moment before the sun goes in. Natch. 

2. New emojis 

iOS 9.1 has introduced some amazing new emojis.

Can we get a ‘HELL YES’?

Finally we have a button that will perfectly represent our addiction to cheese.



3. Improved battery life


The new iPhone 6 and 6S has a guaranteed life span of 10 hours. And rejoice.

4. New colours 

The new iPhone will be available in Rose Gold (so, so, so pretty). 

>Twitter: Buzzfeed Tech


5. Live photos

This new feature looks super slick. The live conference demo showed that pressing hard on an image (using 3D Touch) caused the photos to animate, for example the ripples in water actually rippled. 

> Instagram: @VogueUK


6. The iPad has had a major makeover

Apple unveilled the brand new iPad Pro, complete with the Apple pencil. The new tablet design features a stunning 12.9-inch Retina® display with 5.6 million pixels – this is the most ever to be found in an iOS device. Very suave.

The Apple pencil can be purchased as an add-on, which allows for fluid sketching on the Multi-Touch screen. 

> YouTube: Apple


7. Apple TV

Thanks to the technology giants over at Apple HQ, television will never be the same again.

Tim Cook unveiled a new TV box with its own app store and new operating system.

With a handy remote control that features a touch-sensitive panel, there’s also a microphone that allows it to be voice-operated. Siri continues its job as a virtual assistant, letting viewers ask what shows and movies are available. 

8. Apple watch

> Instagram: @VogueUK

Announcing a collaboration with Hermes, the Apple Watch has been given a luxurious fashionista makeover with the introduction of either the single or double leather strap.