International Women’s Day 2017: #ShoutOutToMyBest

We’re taking part in International Women’s Day and celebrating the girlfriends who have inspired us most. Group hug, guys!

Remember when you thought 2015 was bad? Then Trump rolled into 2016, talking about ‘pussy grabbing’, taking office and planning to cut vital funding for women.

On this side of the pond, we battled against employers forcing us into heels and those Irish abortion laws.

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But February’s Women’s March buoyed us (100,000 took to London’s streets to protest) and this year we’re going to use International Women’s Day on 8 March to stand up and roar: ‘I’m proud to be a woman.’

International Women's Day

We’re still underrepresented, underpaid and fighting to be heard. And while we’re not a lost cause – we welcome the government’s April plans to diminish the gender pay gap – we should be saying what we think, when and how we want.

With that in mind, LOOK intends to make IWD the best ever – by revealing who inspires us.

Haven’t joined in yet?

Find #ShoutOutToMyBest on Instagram to see how LOOK, LOOK Influencers and you guys can help spread the love. Please us know who most inspires you @Lookmagazine to get a special shout-out of your very own.

1) Upload a pic of someone who inspires you
2) Add the hashtag #ShoutOutToMyBest (and don’t forget to tag us @lookmagazine 😉)
3) We might even give YOUR champion a shout out!
4) Haven’t got a pic? Just add your comment in our Instagram post 👇🏽

OH. And if you’ve got one of those ridiculous ‘Why don’t we have an International Men’s Day?’ people in your lives, direct them here.

Happy IWD!