We’re Freaking Out About This Instagram Screenshot Notification Update

Remember the time before snapchat came along and injected fear into the word ‘screenshot’? Before the photo messaging app, screenshotting was typically referred to as a way to screen capture something on your phone on computer. These days it’s synonymous with the depreciation of trust, a breach of confidence and the greatest betrayal.

On Snapchat, in case you weren’t aware, if you screenshot a sent picture or story – the creator will get a notification. This is especially dangerous when you send an incriminating/embaressing photo that was meant to be temporary. 

Now fears are circulating that Instagram are adding the same feature to their app. People (us included) are freaking out.

The good news is that you won’t risk giving up Instagram stalking. The screenshot function doesn’t affect your general browsing, only the recent update that allows you to send temporary pictures and videos via your Stories.

Notifications are only sent for direct messages that are set to disappear. For messages and public stories, you can screenshot away without risking your friendship.

People are still worried though…

So we need to reiterate because too many people online have caught the wrong end of the stick here.

Anything you post that is public can be screenshotted without you knowing. You will be notified if anyone screenshots any direct message, photo or video you send them. 

You can still crawl back into a stranger’s Instagram posts from 2014 without being caught. That said, don’t forget that you can still accidentally like a photo by double tapping the screen. Instagram really need to remove that feature…

Instagram has been on a roll recently with their updates. Between taking a leaf from Facebook’s book and making live-streaming possible and this now dangerous temporary direct messaging, it seems like the Facebook owned photo company are looking to sink Snapchat.

Whatever the cost!