People Are *Furious* About This Major Instagram Change

Instagram fans, we have some important news for you.

We all know how the app works, right? If we need some photo inspo (or just a plain ol’ Insta-stalk), we scroll down our news feeds to see which snaps have been posted recently.

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But now things look set to change, as it’s been announced that a major mix-up is coming to the feed.


Instead of the images being shown to us in time order, we’ll be presented with older photos we may have missed before any new ones.

This means that when we click on that little brown button, we’re more likely to see a picture our favourite blogger posted last night than some random selfie a work acquaintence shared 30 minutes ago.

A spokesperson explains: ‘We’re testing ordered feed with a small group in the community to make sure we get it right.

‘Some details will be determined during the testing period. We’ll be able to share details when we plan to launch it more broadly.’

> Apparently, we’re not seeing as many Instagram photos as we think we are


So why’s this happening? Well, according to Instagram, people tend to miss out on 70% of the photos in their feed.

This is because users have doubled to a whopping 400 million over the past two years, meaning we’re now following way more people than we originally were.

But as expected, not everybody is particularly happy with the news.

> Some are concerned that celebs’ snaps (like Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift’s) could take over our feeds


The hashtag #RIPInstagram gained traction on Twitter yesterday, with some worrying that images with the most likes (e.g. celebrities’) will take priority over those with less.

However, Instagram has said it will ‘take its time to get this right’.

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And it’s not all bad news! You may have noticed another change on the app recently. A pretty good one, too.

> You can now see the exact date that someone shared an Instagram shot



Remember how it used to time-stamp photos with phrases such as ’19 weeks ago’? Well now that’s gone, and we can see the exact date each image was uploaded.

Hmmm. We’ve still got faith in you, Instagram…