You’ll Want To Know About Instagram’s New Feature

The struggle to get 11 Instagram likes and reach a number (rather than just names) is no longer.

We’re not kidding.

According to Mashable, an Instagram spokesperson told them that the feature started rolling out over the last couple of days.

And by the looks of things, users will now only have to reach three likes in order for a digit to appear.

> Instagram previously required a minimum of 11 likes for a digit to appear





There are two reasons we are SO excited for this:

1. We’ll look a lot more popular (we’ll never have to delete pics that don’t make it to a digit EVER AGAIN!).

2. No-one will be able to see whether our likes are genuine, or coming from spam accounts.


Last month, Instagram gave us even more good news…

Got two accounts? Then you’ll know how annoying it is to have to be constantly switching between ’em.

But now the app has updated its feature making it super easy to swap between the two. Prayers answered!

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Instagram are constantly updating their features, with one of the most recent allowing you to see who’s really your friend.

If you have a public profile, you’ll know that it can be hard to keep track of who has you on their friends list and who doesn’t.

Because let’s be honest, it’s kinda awks if you’re liking Tracy from Accounts’ cat pictures every week when she hasn’t even bothered hitting the ‘follow’ button on your page.

> Celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Kylie Jenner have made Instagram *big* business


But now the company appears to be testing an add-on that shows you exactly who’s been checking out your snaps. Ooh.

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According to E!, photographer Anthony Quintano recently spotted this useful little feature on his Insta.

In a screenshot he posted to Twitter, the words ‘You follow each other’ can be seen alongside the accounts that have clicked the button to keep updated on his ‘Grams.

> Photographer Anthony Quintano (@AnthonyQuintano) posted this photo to Twitter


Handy, eh? He captioned the image: ‘You can now see who follows you back on Instagram!!’ And commenters, understandably, seemed quite intrigued.

But this isn’t the only update that’s got us talking.

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Y’know those times you end up having a little stalk of someone you don’t follow? Because let’s be honest, we all do it.

> Stars (like Little Mix) use Instagram to announce big news


Well, the new function will let you know you which of your own Instagram pals already follows them.

So if you’ve got loads of mutuals, you know this account is most likely one that would come recommended.

Cue us following hundreds more food bloggers, personal trainers and make-up artists in a bid to achieve our ‘New Year, New Me’ motto…

> The function is similar to Twitter’s ‘Follows You’ feature


If you’re having trouble getting your head around this update, just think of it as being similar to the ‘Follows You’ function on Twitter.

And if you’ve had a check on your phone and noticed no difference, don’t worry! It looks as though Instagram is still testing this feature out, so not everyone has it right now.

But we think it’ll be pretty useful if/when it comes in for us all.