Instagram Fitness Stars Reveal Their Favourite Cheat Day Treats

That’s quite the jarring image above. It does drive home an important point: even the most elite fitness gurus and Instagram stars have the odd cheat day. These people guzzle down milkshakes and over-eat just like the rest of us. The difference is that they take extreme steps to hide the evidence.

Think of exercise as brushing your overindulgences under the carpet. It’d be easy to get them under there but you’ve really got to put the work in to make it look like there’s nothing under that carpet.


Cosmopolitan spoke to a number of super popular Instagram fitness stars about their “least healthy” habits which, compared to your average Sunday, is a drop in the ocean.

That said, read this as reassurance that even the fittest of the fit, the soya, low-fat creme de la creme give in to temptation occasionally!

Tone It Up Founders Karena and Katrina

Don’t you hate staying up until 3am because that show you’ve just gotten into has eight seasons?! What are you meant to do, not watch them? Well these two trainers know the same feeling.

“Not getting enough sleep…we work late evenings, so we’re working on improving that.”.

Massy Arias

This fitness trainer has 2.1 million Instagram followers. Currently 22 weeks along in a pregnancy, this guru is inspiring! She says of her cheat day: “Finishing all the food on my plate even if it means eating past the point of satisfaction”.

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Alyssa Bossio

An advocate of the ‘anybody-can-do-it’ attitude to extreme fitness, this NYC based lifestyle blogger is a sucker for “eating Nutella out of the jar”. That’s something I’m sure we can all relate to.

Autumn Calabrese

This creator of the 21 Day Fix only allows herself a cheat day once or twice a month which sounds miserable but at least she has good toast. “I enjoy a good glass of wine an pizza”. Now you’re speaking our language.