This Is How To Deal With The Indecisive Netflix Watcher In Your Life

Here’s a little factoid that we all suspected was true: according to one study, the average person spends an average of almost 20 minutes trying out what they actually want to watch on streaming services. We’ve all been in this predicament.

Here’s a sentence I’ve actually said out loud when scrolling through Netflix: “It all looks so terrible that I can’t decide which show I want to watch first”.

Now that we’re all being honest with ourselves. Let’s all identify our indecisiveness and try to figure out how to make quicker choices when browsing the vast library of garbage that constitutes the majority of Netflix.

While most of us have a couple of ‘safety shows’ that we’ve seen so many times that they’re always a good option, we should also try to be a little more adventurous with our viewing.

These apps, sites and methods are fool-proof ways of making solid viewing decisions that you can actually stick to.


This wordy website is a digital decision maker that distills the conundrum into two categories. Do you want to watch a movie or a TV show and what kind of genre are you interested in? From there it spits out a recommendation – simple as that. If you don’t like the pick you can roll again but it kind of defeats the point.



As much as we hate to give it credit, Tinder’s swipe mechanics have innovated the physical vocabulary of how we make decisions on our phones. Movidea allows you to choose your preferences based on year, country of origin, and genre then allows you to swipe through the results. Right swipes pop the movie or show straight into your viewing list!

Image credit: Movidea/Refinery29

Image credit: Movidea/Refinery29

What you are in the mood for?

Sometimes what you want to watch surpasses logic or genre, it’s just what you feel, man. Yahoo’s movie guide has a mood picker that has broken up all of the most popular movies into mood categories.

Image credit: Yahoo/Refinery29

Image credit: Yahoo/Refinery29