Why We Need To Talk About This Viral ‘Big Booty’ Prank

Sadly, this YouTube video is pretty accurate...

Okay. We need to talk about that viral ‘Big Booty Bait In Public Prank’ video.

The objectification of women is an issue that, unfortunately, isn’t new.

But we were shocked when we watched the video by Immature Life, which demonstrates a taste of the unwanted attention a girl can be subjected to, you know, just by going about her daily life.

Why? Well, in a bid to show just how hard it can be to simply walk around in public without feeling like you’re on parade, the YouTube pranksters found a girl to dress in some short shorts and walk through a crowded park. Hyde park, to be exact.

As you can imagine, the people who were caught on camera reacted in a variety of different ways.

But, ultimately, they all ogled away at the poor girl that was probably just popping to the shop to buy some milk/heading to the gym/decided it was too hot to wear trousers/insert any other totally innocent act here.

Yup. Some of the blokes took photos of her be-hind without her knowing – and one even followed her in order to get that ‘winning’ shot – another dude actually fell off of his scooter to get a good look, and one even got into a row with his girlfriend for staring.

We’re sure that any girl can testify to experiencing unwanted attention at some point, which in itself is a very sad state of affairs.

But to see what might be going on behind your back when you’ve walked by? It’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling.

We’d imagine that some of the guys captured in this film might be feeling a little sheepish now, and hopefully this can help further the conversation around unwanted sexual attention.

At the end of the day, anyone should be able to walk around wearing whatever they bloody well like, without being gawped at, photographed on the sly, or treated like a sirloin steak with legs.