Fans Were Worried Stanley Had Left The Jungle After This Announcement Last Night

After Ant and Dec announced that a member of the camp had to leave the show, viewers worried at the prospect of Stanley's exit...

Whatever your political views, you can’t not love Stanley Johnson on this series of I’m a Celeb.

From not knowing what a reality TV show was (‘it’s what you’re on right now’) to his friendships with young’uns Toff and Amir Khan, his cheerful demeanour has warmed even the coldest of hearts.

That’s why fans feared the worst when Ant and Dec announced last night that one of the ‘stars of the show’ had to leave the jungle for ‘personal reasons’.

The news also caused a stir in camp when camp mates realised said star was absent from the jungle.

Considering that Stanley has been ruled out of the majority of trials on medical grounds, it was understandable that viewers jumped to the conclusion that he may have had to leave the camp because of a health problem.

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Fortunately, though, their fears were all unfounded; Stanjo is here to stay (and is probably a strong contender for this year’s crown).

It soon transpired that Kiosk Keith had been replaced by Kiosk Kath – and the nation didn’t like it one bit.

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It seems Kath didn’t quite have the same charm (or lack of) as good ol’ Kiosk Keith when it came to dealing with Dingo Dollar challenge winners. Ah well.

Here’s hoping Keith makes a speedy recovery for the sake of British TV viewers and Twitter users everywhere.