Why The Famous Jungle Shower Might Not Feature In This Year’s Im A Celeb

Sorry, what?

The final countdown is on until ITV’s I’m a Celeb finally returns to our screens this weekend. We’d probably go as far as to say it’s the best reality TV show on the box.

The show and its iconic jungle shower go hand in hand like Kim and Kanye, coffee and cream and sausage rolls and ketchup (don’t at me).

You just wouldn’t see one without the other – or so we thought.

Imagine our dismay when we discovered this year’s series may not feature the iconic waterfall. Following this creepy discovery close to the camp, the show could now suffer another potential setback, which means it may not be safe for contestants to use the usual shower.

Currently the weather predictions for the area aren’t looking great, and the camp could end up being resembling a practice run of the end-of-series Celebrity Cyclone challenge.

According to Metro, the wet weather that’s forecasted for the first week of the show is likely to bring out an infestation of leeches. Ewwwww.

No more of this

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This means that the shower area, a lovely damp home that leeches will flock to, will probably be out of bounds.

Would the jungle truly be the same without those swimwear shower scenes being splashed across our TV screens every evening? We’re not sure.

Here’s hoping the guys are given somewhere else to wash, or it’s going to get pretty smelly in there…

By Lucy Abbersteen