I’m A Celeb Viewers Left Horrified As Amir Khan And Iain Lee Commit A Serious Jungle Crime

It was a first for the show and had us all stunned...

Last night’s episode of I’m a Celeb was an absolute shocker that left viewers shocked, confused, upset and angry in a first for the show.

So, where to begin?

It all started when Iain and Amir were the chosen ones for the daily Dingo Dollar Challenge, which they successfully completed.

At the shack with Kiosk Keith, their camp mates chose the correct answer and won strawberries and cream as their treat. Result! Or so you would think…

In a series of events that had us literally gaping at our TV screens in horror, the treat never made it back to camp to be shared out fairly among contestants.


Amir suggested that the pair scoff the prize in the woods and tell their campmates that they had picked the wrong answer. Poor Iain tried to protest, but Amir didn’t let up, eventually pouring the cream all over the strawberries.

And so the two of them ate the lot.

@iainlee and @amirkingkhan have committed the ULTIMATE Jungle betrayal! 😲 #ImACeleb

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But it gets worse, folks. So much worse.

After the pair discussed the events in the bush telegraph, Iain decided he couldn’t handle the guilt and confessed to the group that he – and he alone – was the perpetrator. And of course, they were fuming.

Dennis Wise looked like he was about to explode, while Becky Vardy said ‘if they were my kids I would be going ape shit right now.’

It was hard to watch.

"We put our hands up." Erm… don't you mean 'paws', @amirkingkhan? πŸ“πŸΎ #ImACeleb

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However, Amir later threw Iain under the bus, with several Twitter users branding him selfish and a ‘snake’ for letting his campmates think the whole thing was his co-conspirator’s idea.

It was all incredibly awkward, guys.

But later in the bush telegraph, Iain admitted he would ‘do it again’ despite the backlash he got in camp. So they’re both just as bad as each other, really.

We can only hope that the ‘secret challenges’ have begun without our knowledge, and this is just one step towards camp getting to chow down on a huge feast in a few days’ time…

By Lucy Abbersteen