I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Viewers Are Worried About Adam Thomas

Worried I'm A Celebrity fans have sparked a big online reaction to Adam Thomas, after he confessed to being a 'broken man'...

It’s pretty much everyone’s biggest fear.

And, for the famous faces of the I’m A Celebrity jungle camp, it’s very likely to be a fear you’ll have to face.

We’re, of course, referring to spiders.


During last nights episode, four members of the camp took part in an overnight challenge.

The dream team, made up of Adam Thomas, footballer Wayne Bridge, dancer Jordan Banjo and full-time funny man Joel Domment, were given the task of spending a night stranded in a receiving station.

During the night, they were challenged to send a series of Morse code messages to those remaining at camp base, who then had to decipher these messages. Piece of cake right?

Wrong. So very, very wrong.

He's about to enter the jungle! #TeamAdipaddy 👊🚀❤️

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For the challenge, both Joel and Adam had to enter the Bushman’s Lodge. As soon as the pair entered the Lodge, Adam noticed a few spiders were hanging about- sending the poor lad went into panic mode.

Adam then confessed to Joel, ‘I’m absolutely terrified. The most terrified I’ve ever been’- admitting that spiders are his phobia.

After managing to remain slightly calm during the first moments of the task, Adam flew into hysterics after a spider ‘jumped out’ at him. Que a great deal of ‘OMG’s’ and ‘BRO’ from Mr Thomas…

On return to the camp, Adam told Larry Lamb ‘I’m a broken man… It was a tough night. I’m not going to lie. One of the toughest. I was a bit of a mess, embarrassing but it is what it is’.

And, as horrible as it was to see Adam in such hysterics, the people of Twitter have managed to see funny (okay, lets face it. Pretty darn hilarious) side of ‘spider-gate’. E.g:

We relate to this on a very spiritual level.

Adam’s twin brother, Scott of Love Island, has also taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on spider-gate. Scott writes, ‘Oh my god it jumped bro!!” Love you @adamthomas21‘.

Scott’s Love Island girlfriend Kady appears to have also gained a history in Thomas family phobias during last nights episode, having shared ‘So @scottyspecial imagines spiders in his sleep and @adamthomas21 is actually PETRIFIED of them must be a twin thing’.

Tbh, we’d probably have exactly the same reaction Adam.

Alice Perry