Was Adam And Martin’s I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial Too ‘Cruel’?

Viewers took to Twitter in their droves to complain about last night's episode...

I’m A Celebrity‘s latest Bushtucker Trial has caused quite a bit of controversy.

It was Adam Thomas and Martin Roberts who took part in the gruesome challenge, which was aptly named Pick ‘N’ Critz.

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I'm A Celebrity

The lads had to hold various insects and animal body parts in their mouths for 30 seconds, including fish eyes, huge spiders and cockroaches.

But some viewers thought the task was a little too gross, with Tweets including: ‘On the verge of vomming up my roast dinner #fisheye #ImACeleb,’ and: ‘That is the most disgusting challenge I have ever heard- filling up a glass with fluid from fish eyes oh my god no #ImACeleb [sic].’

I'm A Celebrity

Even Cheryl – who’s an avid I’m A Celebrity fan – had her say, writing on the site: ‘Watched that through my fingers ! I never screamed and squirmed so much in my life !! Whoever makes these trials up needs help😷😷😷😷#imaceleb.’

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And it wasn’t just the grisly nature of the trial that got people’s backs up – there were a number of messages criticising the show for its treatment of animals.

One read: ‘I hate the I’m a celebrity use of live animals to entertain people. It feels really cruel…. and it’s a bit gross #iacgmooh,’ while another said: ‘Think its really cruel in I’m a celebrity when they eat live bugs Like fs that poor thing what an awful way to die.’

The duo managed to successfully pass the challenge and win all stars available, meaning every campmate got a meal.

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