Iggy works Cher's signature uniform in her new video for Fancy

Iggy Azelea’s New Video Is The Best Clueless Spoof Ever

Iggy Azalea has just made the music video of our ’90s teen dreams with her genius Clueless tribute for new single Fancy.

The Australian rapstress has paid homage to the 1995 movie classic by recreating the fashionable film’s most iconic scenes with British alt-pop songbird, Charli XCX.

Shot in Cher’s actual school from the film (AS. IF.), the video shows Iggy playing Alicia Silverstone’s character down to a T, working that plaid-on-plaid skirt suit and those silky blonde locks to perfection.

From the fluffy pens to the retro gym kits, Iggy’s vid is a delicious dose of nostalgia for any fan of Cher and Dionne’s famously fashionable friendship. And even better, the track is also super sick.

Watch Azalea’s epic Clueless homage below…

By Robyn Munson

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