So *This* Is Apparently What Makes The Ideal Husband

Have you ever wondered what kind of person your parents would like for you to marry? 

Pretty scary thought. 

A new YouGov survey quizzed almost 2,000 British adults to find out if they had an ideal when it came to the occupation of the partner that their son or daughter might marry. And the results were quite surprising. 

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They were asked to imagine that their son/daughter were to be married and, presuming they were happy, which profession would they like for their partner? 

Of the professions listed, which included musician, model, doctor, banker and laywer, the most popular choice for a son-in-law was a doctor, with 38%.  

Second and third in popularity were a lawyer (24%) and an architect (23%). 

When the question was flipped, and they were asked which profession they would most like as a daughter-in-law, doctor was still at the top spot, with 35%. Teacher (26%) came in second, and lawyer (24%) appeared again too. 

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So. We know you’re all wondering what came bottom.

Only 1% would like their daughter or son to bring home an MP. Journalist also came pretty low in the rankings (sob for us), with 3% and 4%.

A sorry 0% say they’d like their daughter to bring home a male model (we’re not giving up on our Tyson Beckford crush) but 3% say they’d like for their son to marry a female one – well, Kendall and Gigi sure seem like perfect girlfriend material to us.  

This is all pretty interesting, but there seemed to be a lot of job areas not covered by the survey.

And we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of rom-com emotions. Surely true love and how your partner treats you is much more important than the job they do, right? 

Oh, the feels. 

By Laura Jane Turner