PIC: Beyoncé & Robert Pattinson Hang Out Backstage At Concert!

Beyoncé and Robert Pattinson have been spotted hanging out backstage after one of Bey’s concerts in LA, with this newly released photo providing solid evidence that two of our favourite celebrities have been bonding behind the scenes. AMAZING. We could literally stare at this snap all day…

The picture, which is thought to have been taken after Bey’s Californian concert on July 1, was posted on the band Death Grips’ Facebook page and shows the 31-year-old superstar songstress grinning as she cosies up to her new A-list pal R-Patz alongside the Death Grips band members.

With gig-lover Rob being a regular in the mosh-pit, taking new friend (and one-time rumoured flame) Katy Perry to a Bjork concert recently, it’s no surprise to see the Brit boy hanging out with the cool kids backstage. But this unlikely celebrity friendship is another level of badass…

Rumours that Beyoncé and Rob had been enjoying some sneaky backstage bonding first surfaced after a concert-goer tweeted: “Robert Pattinson hanging w death grips at the beyonce show. am I in the twilight zone?” on the day of Bey’s star-studded July 1 gig.

But after claims that the Twilight actor had been refused a meet-and-greet with the Grown Woman singer after security denied him access then emerged, it was looking doubtful that this amazing hook-up ever even occured. “He was trying to get into the Beyoncé meet and greet, but he didn’t have the right credentials and he didn’t make it in,” a source told In Touch at the time.

Well what a load of nonsense that was – because mum-of-one Bey looks just as ecstatic to be chilling with Rob as we would be.

Could this be the coolest new celebrity friendship ever?!

By Robyn Munson

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