Iain Stirling On What *Really* Happened In The Love Island Villa

We’ve already heard what the Love Island crew have to say for themselves, but there’s one person who’s kept pretty quiet since the second series ended last week.

Who’s that? Narrator Iain Stirling, of course! But now the 28-year-old has spoken out about his time working on the ITV2 dating show.

So first things first. How exactly does he come up with his genius commentary? Well, it turns out there’s someone else in the mix. Iain works with Mark Bush-Cowley, the guy who originally thought up Love Island.



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He tells Radio Times: ‘I normally come in about the middle of the afternoon, then we watch basically what is the final cut of the show – bar a few changes with what the execs might say – and then as we watch it we write.

‘We’re done by about 5.30pm. Then we’ve got to wait a few hours while everything’s OKd by the commissioners/bosses and all that. That’s a couple of hours sitting about, a couple of line changes here and there if we’ve gone too far. It’s not happened too often, it’s happened a couple of times.



‘It’s our job to try and be funny and take it too far, it’s their job to bring it back. A few things I didn’t think I’d get away with I got away with. I can’t think [what they were] off the top of my head.’

And who was Iain’s favourite Islander? He continues: ‘I really liked Kady, I thought she was a mad person but really sweet as well. I really liked Nathan.

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> Iain Stirling was a big fan of Kady McDermott



‘I liked Adam as well. He grew on me by the end. Because he would say really sweet stuff and not realise he was doing it sometimes.’

Despite clearly being a huge fan of LI, there is one thing that Iain’s pretty glad to see the back of.

> Iain Stirling thought Adam Maxted was ‘sweet’


He says: ‘I wake up having dreams about people having sex on TV. Genuinely now whenever people talk to me I’m thinking in innuendos, because all I’ve been writing is innuendos for six weeks.’

Lolz. Oh, and how we loved those innuendos…