Huda Beauty Offers Advice On How To Lighten Your Vagina And People Aren’t Happy

Leave your vajayjays alone...

Huda Beauty has divided the internet with one of its posts, entitled Why Your Vagina Gets Dark And How To Lighten It. 

Started by Huda Kattan as a personal blog, the beauty enterprise has taken on a life of its own – becoming a successful business that now spans across the globe. The website boasts a depth of beauty content, ranging from product reviews and beauty tutorials. But, due to the nature of one of its most recent body articles, the website has been steeped in controversy.


The post in question includes ‘DIY vagina lightening hacks’ that were apparently in response to one of the most common questions from readers. Enlisting a dermatologist, the article boasts tips on how to ‘improve’ your lady parts, ‘if that’s what you want!’.

It’s worth noting that Huda herself has over 25 million followers on Instagram alone, so the audience and reach of the content could really influence the way that women view and feel about their own bodies.

The controversial article, which was shared on Huda Beauty’s official Facebook page, has sparked a huge reaction online.

One comment read: ‘I don’t need this sort of bullsh*t in my feed. Unfollowing this page, because the darkening of the vagina is the most natural thing ever. And I don’t want to feel abnormal…’

‘Telling women their vaginas need altering is f***ed up,’ one Reddit user posted on a thread that was created in response to the post.

What’s more, fellow beauty influencers and experts have called it out.

‘From my angle, this is at best nonsense and at worst, dangerous,’ Caroline Hirons told The Independent.

‘Firstly, the area she refers to is the vulva, not the vagina. Being anatomically correct is of paramount importance when discussing the female anatomy. There are five gynae cancers and most women cannot name them all. Hardly surprising if we refer to the entire area as ‘the vagina’.

‘This also exacerbates the bigger issue of the ‘lighter is better than darker’ thinking that is clearly still so prevalent amongst certain demographics, that someone like Huda is in a brilliant, respected position to change,’ she added. ‘And when talking about female genitalia, it is quite clearly ridiculous.’

We couldn’t agree more.

Isn’t it about time that we started to accept, love and celebrate our bodies for what they are, rather than feeling the need to ‘improve’ or ‘fix’ something that’s just plain natural?

Let’s teach girls not to be ashamed of their vaginas (or vulvas), eh?