How To Throw Your Very Own Game Of Thrones Themed Party

At LOOK we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for Game Of Thrones series 5 which starts tonight – and with that in mind, we’re getting into celebration mode now. 

We’ve taken inspiration from the show to pull together these top party tips. Here’s everything you need to party like the Mother of Dragons herself…

Organise A Feast


Sansa Stark


Put away the party rings and take inspiration from the feasts held at King’s Landings. Think meat, meat and even more meat and plenty of cheese – because it’s not a party without cheese. Food should be served on elegant gold dishes. 

TOP TIP: No goblets to hand? Cover glasses in tin foil instead! 


Decorate With Candles



Turn off all the lights and only use candles for a truly authentic Game Of Thrones atmosphere. The Red Lady would approve. 

TOP TIP: Buy candles with at least eight hours of burning time, otherwise your guests will end up in the dark. 


A Game Of (Drinking) Thrones


Tyrion Lanister

The rules are very simple, every time a character says their full name, eg. Robert of the House Baratheon etc. you are required to take a sip from your goblet. 

TOP TIP: Also drink every time Arya Stark repeats the names of the men she wishes to kill and every time Tyrion makes a sarcastic comment.


Pin The Feather On The Crow



Jon Snow

The best game ever, right? Print out a large poster-sized version of Jon Snow and watch your blindfolded guests try and pin the feather onto his cape. LOLs guaranteed.

TOP TIP: Extra points should be awarded for those who shout, “you know nothing, Jon Snow” and nail the accent.

Create Your Own Throne 

Iron throne, Etsy




Buy this fabulous accessory from Etsy and everyone gets the chance to be a king!

TOP TIP: Feel free to buy more to decorate your dining room chairs too. 

Board Game Rules


Game of Thrones



If all else fails, get your hands on the official Game of Thrones board game – but add in a few shots for good measure on your journey to ruling the seven kingdoms. 

TOP TIP: Erm, try and win?!

Game of Thrones Series 5 starts tonight, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

By Giselle Wainwright