7 Ways Your Body Tells You It Needs More Sleep

You might think you know when you’re tired – you can barely keep your eyes open, you suddenly start moving at a snail’s pace – but did you know there are actually some much more bizarre ways your body tells you it needs more sleep?

Some of these will definitely surprise you…

1. You’re using loads of cliches

When we’re tired, our bodies kind of go into ‘drunk’ mode, meaning we’re forced to go into autopilot when it comes to general conversation. So if you find yourself using loads more cliche phrases and proverbs (eg. alls well that ends well), you’re probably knackered. Dr. Ojile says: ‘When you’re impaired, you rely on crutches — the things you know,’ he says. ‘That could mean clichés, or anything that is rote and will allow you to stay in conversation without expending much energy.’

2. You’re moody

If you find yourself snapping at everything and everyone, don’t think you’re turning into a super b*itch – you’re more likely to be sleep-deprived. This is because when we’re sleepy, we struggle to read people’s expressions properly, so we’re more likely to see people as threatening. Weird, huh?

3. You’re feeling under the weather

A lack of sleep also leads to our immune systems weakening, so if you’re only sleeping five hours a night, you’re x4 times more likely to catch a cold than if you’d slept six. Crikey. Get a solid 8 hours to ensure your body can repair itself.

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woman with sleeping eye mask Are you getting enough?


4. You want to eat EVERYTHING

Being tired leads to lowered levels of leptin (the hormone that decreases your appetite) and increased levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone). This means we feel hungrier, and no matter how many bags of Doritoes we eat, it just doesn’t seem to stop. Eek.

5. You way more indecisive

If you’re not getting enough kip, you’ll find yourself struggling to make decisions. This is because when we’re tired, our blood doesn’t flow as quickly into the area of our brains that is responsible for critical thinking. So basically, if you’ve got a big meeting at work the next day, a good night’s sleep is ESSENTIAL.

6. You’re not interested in sex

Yep, sleepiness also leads to a loss of libido. Because if you’re sleep-deprived, you can barely make it off the sofa, let alone into that sexy Victoria’s Secret number. For men, a lack of sleep can also lower testosterone levels, which often leads to them not being interested in getting jiggly. For your sex life to stay healthy, sleep.

7. Your skin’s had a break-out

When we fall asleep, our skin has the whole night to repair itself. If you’re not sleeping well, your body has a spike in the hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin collagen, meaning you’ll wake up looking the opposite of pert and alert. Spots on your chin is also a sign you’re not getting enough shut eye, as your body doesn’t have a chance to flush out those toxins whilst you kip.