How To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Tone Up – Without The Gym!

Move over Paleo Plan and forget the 5:2 diet – according to nutritionists, foods that activate our sirtuin genes are where it’s at.  A class of proteins in the body that are important for regulating biological pathways affecting our health and weight, sirtuins actively burn fats as you eat – our body’s BFF!

> Try adding olives (a tasty sirt food) to your salad to boost your metabolism


‘Sirtuin-trigger foods, or ‘sirtfoods, activate proteins in our bodies that regulate how we handle sugar and fat,’ nutritionist Kim Pearson tells us. ‘These foods can help mobilise our stored fat and increase mitochondria function [the part of a cell that generates energy], mimicking the effects of a calorie-restricted diet.’

> Kale is a great sirtfood


And there are loads of them out there. The main foods that activate sirtuins are those that exist within a Meditterasian diet. Think lots of green veg, red wine and olive oil.  Green tea, onions, kale, parsley, miso soup, tofu, olives, blackcurrants and cocoa are also top triggers of sirtuin. You don’t have to live off them exclusively, just add them to your diet. ‘You could start your day with a smoothie made from almond milk, blackcurrants and kale,’ Kim reveals. ‘Add olives to salads, swap snacks for miso soup and drink green tea to start seeing results.’


> Get munching on onions!


Not only have sirtuins been linked to how our bodies metabolise energy, they could also help you to live longer! Sirtuins are also known to affect the ageing process and the onset of some diseases. ‘Research into the sirtuin activator in red wine found it may help in the prevention and treatment of obesity and keep your heart healthy,’ Kim says. Guilt free glasses of red wine! Thank you sirtuins!



> Tofu makes a great addition to a stir-fry