Uh Oh. We’ve All Been Using Our iPhones Wrong…

You know that thing you’ve been doing on your iPhone to help your battery last longer? Yep, well, stop doing it NOW. 

Since forever, we’ve been taught that closing down all of the background apps on ours phone will help our batteries last longer. So on impulse, we find ourselves double tapping that home button and just swiping away, day after day.

‘It’ll prolong your juice by at least another hour’, we’ve found ourselves repeatedly boasted to our pals whilst doing said shut-downs.

Except, well, now it’s been revealed that it doesn’t work. In fact, shutting down your apps might even be making things worse… What?!

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Hiroshi Lockheimer, the VP of Engineering for Android, let slip the terrible secret after an iPhone user posed the question on Twitter.

‘It doesn’t make things worse, right? It’s just… pointless?’ one concerned user asked about the well-known ‘tip’.

‘…Could very slightly worsen’, Hiroshi replied.

This is because ‘forcing’ an app to re-open effectively makes your phone slower and less coherent than if you’d have just left the apps to do their thing in the background. Doh.

If you really want to save your battery life, Wired recommends the following: Turning down screen brightness, turning off location sharing, using Low Power Mode in iOS or switching to Airplane Mode (if you’re that desperate).