How To Read Your Whatsapp Messages Incognito

It’s the oldest dilemma in the book – you desperately want to read that Whatsapp message, but you really can’t be bothered to reply right now.

Do you wait, and leave it unread, waiting in suspense for hours to see what it says? Or do you take the plunge and read it, and suffer the wrath of the other person who is angrily staring at those two little blue ticks…? Agh.

Well, thanks to these genius Whatsapp message hack, you may never have to worry about those two tiny blue ticks again.

And guess what? The solition is so simple, we’re kicking ourselves for not figuring it out sooner.

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Here’s our guide to to remaining incognito when reading your Whatsapp messages:

1. When you first receive a message, don’t read it, and close all notifications.

2. Turn your phone onto aeroplane mode. Check your Wi-Fi isn’t on, either – you have to be totally uncontactable by the outside world.

3. Now, you’re free to read your Whatsapps! No blue tick will show up on the sender’s phone, as you are technically ‘offline’. 

4. Once you’ve read it, make sure to entirely close the app.

5. Come out of aeroplane mode, go back to normal, and enjoy your sneaky new secret. But remember – the minute you open that conversation again, the blue ticks WILL appear.

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How cool?!

Now go forth, and read in peace…