How To Pose Like A Model, 80’s Style!

For all of us who are dying to know exactly how to perfect that killer 80s pose – the wait is finally over…

In a series of spectacularly cheesy clips – models, teen idols and experts from the era demonstrate how to pose, offering tips and live demonstrations.

Saved by the Bell stars Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Mario Lopez appear alongside Denise Richards in the video put together by YouTube account Found Footage Fest.

With eyebrows to rival Cara Delevingne, a teenage Denise, now 44, introduces the video. “It wasn’t that long ago that I wondered if I could model or find work on television. Well, here I am.”

Super smiley Tiffani-Amber chimes in with ‘I got started in modelling first, my uncle was a photographer. It’s been great!’

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The video is aptly named ‘Modeling: What It Takes’ and provides all the lowdown on how to succeed in the industry and achieve their megawatt model smile:

Tip 1: “If you accentuate the vowel A, you’re guaranteed a nice, natural smile”.

Tip 2:They then go on to suggest a more sensual look could be created through mouthing ‘O’. Noted!

And let’s not forget when you have to model with, lets says, a perfume bottle. “The manner in which you hold the bottle can portray the perfume as glamorous- or fun!”

All too soon the fun is wrapped up with Denise saying: ‘While we have shared so much information with you in this video, you’ll probably watch it several times over before you understand it all completely.”

And trust us, you will want to watch this over and over again…  

By Emily Martin