How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

That guy or girl you’ve got your eye on? You CAN make them fall in love with you. Like deeply, madly in love. No, we’ve not found a magic spell (alas!) – but through these clever, science-backed techniques you can sway them somewhat.

Warning: if he has a girlfriend, stay away. Let’s keep the sisterhood people!

Go On A Rollercoaster Together

Wild, crazy first dates are more likely to result in love than the tamer ones – thanks to a little something called “misattribution of arousal.” A test carried out in 1974 challenged groups of men to walk across either a shaky high bridge or a sturdy low one, on which they met a woman who gave them their phone number. The study found that the men who had been on the scary bridge were much more likely to call the woman. Why? Because the high bridge created a sense of arousal from anxiety, but men mistakenly thought it was attraction to the woman. Sneaky, yes. But you can dazzle him with your incredible personality second date.


Tbh you should be doing this anyway, but if you’re someone who interrupts all the time, it’s time to stop. Studies by the University of Nevada have found that people love it when others take an interest in them, and don’t always bring the conversation back to them. The key to being a good listener? Ask follow up questions and respond compassionately to what your date is saying.

Keep Your Hands and Torso Open

Standing with your arms crossed in a bar? Not a good look. Body language experts agree that posture speaks louder than words and keeping your hands stuffed in your pockets and your shoulders turned inward sends the signal that you’re not interested.

Level Your Voice (And Pay Attention To His)

How you speak as well as what you’re saying sends a message. Science shows that women’s voices go down when they’re interested in someone, while men’s voices go high.

Invite Him Up For Coffee

Nope, we don’t mean that. Yale psychologists found that when participants held warm drinks they rated the person they were with as having a warm personality. Sugar with that?

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Walk The Same Pace

Struggling to keep up? Not a good sign, apparently. A study on walking speeds found that males adjust their walking speed to match a female’s when the woman is their romantic interest, whereas friends who were not attracted to one another did not adjust their walking speeds.

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Wear Red

Jessica Rabbit was right on this one. A Slovakian research study found that women who wore red were more successful in mating games scenarios.

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Show those pearly whites. In two experiments researchers in Switzerland found the relationship between attractiveness was strongly influenced by the intensity of a smile expressed of a face. In fact, a happy facial expression compensated for relative unattractiveness.

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And Finally (This One’s For Us)…

Remember, if he’s still just not that into you after a while, let him go… You’re gorgeous and brilliant and deserve to be with someone who knows it.