You’ve Been Burning Your Candles Wrong This Whole Time

Guys, you’ve been burning your candles all wrong.

Yep, we hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably been wasting those beautiful (and expensive) candles that you’ve got dotted around your home for when you’re feeling particularly romantic/cosy/luxurious.

But don’t worry, because we’re about to tell you a candle hack that will change your life. Undoubtably.

Let’s talk about the problem, first – you get home, pleased as punch with your gorgeous new Diptyque/Jo Malone/Neom buy, and light it immediately.

An hour later, you blow it out, because – bedtime. Except it’s now got a soft hole around the wick where only an inch or two has melted down, whilst the rest of the candle remains solid.

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This means that every time you light the candle from then on, only that small circle will melt down, leaving the rest of the candle wasted. Expensive candle = ruined.

Here’s what you should actually do. When you buy your new candle, make sure you have a window of a few hours to let it burn for the first time.

That first time, make sure you keep it burning for long enough that the entire top layer is an even pool of liquid, melted wax, before blowing out.

Every time you burn it from then on, it should burn totally evenly, allowing you to enjoy your lovely candle in full.

You can thank us later.