So This Is How The Kardashians Are Now Feeling About Rob And Chyna’s Relationship

As reports of a 'physical' fight have emerged, we're hearing that the Kardashian family aren't so supportive of Rob's engagement to Blac Chyna...

It’s no secret that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been through a number of ups and downs in their relationship.

The pair – who are engaged, and share a one-month-old daughter together – have been hit by their fair share of drama. There’s been numerous social media fights, near-break-ups and, of course, there was that family feud with the Kardashian sisters.

This stemmed from the fact that Chyna – who had always been friendly with Kim Kardashian – started dating Rob, whose little sister Kylie Jenner was seeing Chyna’s ex boyfriend, Tyga.

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The latest bust up between Rob and his lady, which unfolded before our eyes on social media over the weekend, involved Chyna walking out on her man, and taking her children with her.

Although it appears that they’re now back on track (following a public apology from Rob to his family on Instagram), reports are now emerging of an alleged ‘physical’ argument between the pair. E! News have reported that ‘she [Blac Chyna] was punching him [Rob] in his back and arms and was in a drunken rage.’

And, according to PEOPLE, this has lead the Kardashian family to reach their limit with the pair’s seemingly volatile relationship.


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‘They don’t support the relationship,’ a source has reportedly told the publication. 

The source also added: ‘At least some of his family members want Rob to split up with Chyna so they can say, ‘We told you so Rob. You deserve better.’

‘But Rob won’t listen to them. He wants to be with Chyna.’ 


If there’s one thing that you can say about the Kardashian family, it’s that they stick together and support one another. So we have no doubt that they’ll continue to be there for the 29-year-old and his little family.

Rob Kardashian has announced his intention to ‘deal with my flaws/issues’, also telling his daughter, ‘I am going to get better for you Dream.’