How one Apple employee stood up to Steve Jobs and got promoted for it

In this careerist driven world, it’s easy to forget the under-appreciated heroes and inspirations outside of the big heads like, ironically considering this article, Steve Jobs. But Donna Dubinsky should be commemorated as the daily unsung hero for all the struggling employees looking to get their voice heard.

The hallmark of an employee that is destined to go far is the ability to deal with having the carpet pulled out from under their feet. When Donna Dubinsky was a middle manager at Apple back in 1985, Steve Jobs decided to completely reinvent the company’s distribution strategy.

This decision was much to the dismay of Dubinsky. Despite being a few ladders down the hierarchy from Jobs she fought against the proposal. As bold a move as anyone could have made in that situation, Dubinsky laid down an ultimatum. It was either the plan or her.

As one employee recalls to Business Insider: “Suddenly, Steve Jobs proposed eliminating all six U.S. warehouses, dropping their inventory, and moving to a just-in-time production system in which computers would be assembled upon order and overnighted by FedEx”.

According to Dubinsky, this was a giant mistake and the success of Apple was dependent on a successful distribution method.

Considering that Jobs was mid-battle with CEO John Scully for sovereign power of the company, Dubinsky’s protests were amazingly considered and even rewarded with a brand new job in a senior management position. This decision arguably led to the global success of the company.

The moral of the story is to gravitate toward the bosses who are flexible and open to criticism. Don’t be afraid of making your voice heard, maybe put your job on the line, and your higher-ups will recognise you as a quintessential part of their company.

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