There’s Now A Netflix For Fitness

Fancy trying out barrecore? Or training with Nicole Scherzinger’s PT? Or doing a Pilates class and then relaxing on your sofa straight afterwards? You can do all of that and more with hoolio, a new fitness streaming service, that aims to bring a world class gym into your living room.

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It’s so brilliant we’re amazed no one thought of it before. The platform has curated all the best fitness videos across the internet in one accessible place, and arranged them in various categories from tough and short (think mega-hard HIIT workouts) to stretch and relax (including bedtime yoga) – and best of all it’s really easy to navigate as it’s pretty much got the same lay out as Netflix.

And, like Netflix, once hoolio gets an idea of what workouts you like it continues to suggest them for you. There are also both free and paid memberships so everyone can have a go.

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Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse’s trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir has collaborated with the service and created a brilliant home workout of her famous Viking Method that’ll get you a celeb-worthy flat tummy in no time.

Hoolio are also creating pop culture inspired video workouts created by leading personal trainers. No, that does not mean you’ll become Beyonce overnight… But you can at least try.

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You can also work out with friends, by inviting them to view the workout on the same video simultaneously. And hoolio works on your telly, phone or computer – so you could work out anywhere.

hoolio is also available on your phone hoolio is also available on your phone


Now where’s the remote? And our trainers? It’s time to Netflix… and burn (hmm, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?!)

Find out more about hoolio here