Honey G Reveals Why She Really Performed At The X Factor Final

Some viewers are VERY unimpressed...

It’s safe to say Honey G’s X Factor performance on Saturday night caused quite a bit of controversy.

The 35-year-old rapper to the stage during the show’s final – despite being voted out of the competition two weeks earlier.

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Tweets included: ‘Honey G performing at the X Factor Final is such a f***ing insult,’ and: ‘Just watched the X factor can someone tell me why honey g is performing? 👀 [sic].’

But the reason behind Honey G’s – real name Anna Georgette Gilford – appearance soon became clear.

She was debuting her new single, after being signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

The next day, she Tweeted: ‘I am ecstatic to announce I have been Signed by SYCO, Simon Cowells record label and will be releasing my first single on 23rd December [sic].’

Honey also posted a video message to fans, in which she revealed that she was busy working on her album.

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She said: ‘Yo yo yo this is your girl Honey G. I hope you all enjoyed my performance last night at the X Factor final and, yes it is true I am now signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

‘I’m going to be releasing my first single on the 23rd December and I’m shooting the video this week so I’m so excited. I’m just so happy.

‘I just hope everyone goes out, buys the single, supports it, we tear it up and we kill it, smash it. Bring on the album.’

This means she’ll be going head-to-head with winner Matt Terry’s track When Christmas Comes Around, which is currently #1 on the iTunes chart.

Matt Terry

Honey G is now a competitor to winner Matt Terry

Not only that, but no other past contestant has ever been allowed to appear on the penultimate episode.

As expected, this update seriously divided opinion. Tweets read: ‘So everyone was competing on xfactor to win a record deal yet Honey G was signed to one before the competition was even over????’ and: ‘It’s a bit cheeky of Simon Cowell to sign Honey G before the X Factor even ended! Considering the prize for 1st place is a record deal!’

However, others think we could all do with a bit of Honey G spirit. One fan wrote: ‘Oh my gaaaad. I am defo buying the single. Honey G is the real deal!!!’

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