There’s A Conspiracy Theory Going Round About Honey G’s Family

Some X Factor fans were left a little confused after seeing Honey G's mum in the audience for Sunday's results show...

Honey G has faced her fair share of criticism during her time on The X Factor, but these latest rumours about her ‘fake’ family have to be some of the craziest.

If you were watching Saturday night’s show, you’ll know that we finally got to see the mum behind the now infamous UK rap star.

Yep, Honey paid a trip home to see her mother, and the first thing that caught viewers’ attention was the fact that Honey G’s mum was… well, a bit posh.

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‘Honey G’s mum is as posh as they come and yet here she is doing American hip hop on X Factor’, one confused viewer tweeted.

‘I don’t think showing her very middle class Mum is helping Honey G’s rap credibility #XFactor #XFactor2016 #LouisLoves’, said another.

But it wasn’t just her mum’s image that seemed a little at odds with Honey’s rap star demeanour, as things then got even weirder when Honey G’s mum was spotted in the audience during Sunday night’s results show.

Because a source who was present on the night has sparked a whole load of conspiracy theories by telling The Mirror that they suspected that Honey may have HIRED her family members for the show.

The source claimed that Honey’s mum and ‘family’ supporters didn’t seem ‘bothered’ when she found herself in the bottom two.


It went on to say that they ‘sat silently’ and looked ‘blankly’ whilst Honey fought in the sing-off, fuelling suspicion.

‘If that was my family member whose future in the show was hanging in the balance, I’d be screaming my head off at the judges, shouting for her to stay, but they just didn’t even seem like they were that bothered’, the audience member said.

‘They just sat there silently like they were watching the snooker or something.’


‘During the ad breaks and VTs and everything, they sat there staring blankly forward, they weren’t chatting to each other or anything’, they added.

Crikey. Even with Honey G now off the show, we predict this is one rapper who will still be being talked about for weeks to come…