Homeland’s Damian Lewis Worried Role Could Cause Trouble

Homeland returned on Channel 4 last night, and Damian Lewis has been talking about his role as Nicholas Brody on the show – *spoiler alert* if you haven’t watched it yet!

In an interview with Knoxville.com, Damian chatted about one moment when he thought the TV show was about to get him into a fight:

“There was a slightly hairy moment down in Charlotte. There was a barbecue going on, and there was a bunch of Southern boys there drinking beer, eating fried chicken, eating steak.

“One of them comes up to me and says ‘So you’re playing a terrorist?’ [I replied] ‘I actually don’t know yet.’ He looked me in the eye, slightly drunk, blurry-eyed – and I thought, ‘I’m about to get my head pulverised.’

“[But he just said,] ‘It’s going to p**s off a lot of people’ before walking away.”

Phew! We’re glad he didn’t come to any harm… and we seriously can’t wait for next week’s episode of the addictive show! BS