Why Hollyoaks’ Ayden Callaghan Was Cut From This Scene

Hollyoaks actor Ayden Callaghan has opened up about the heartbreaking reason he had to be removed from a storyline last year.

Ayden plays Joe Roscoe, and last year, his character was expecting a baby with Mercedes McQueen before she tragically lost it.

But Ayden soon asked to be pulled from the scenes, due to the topic being a little too close to home.

joe roscoe hollyoaks Ayden plays Joe Roscoe, who was expecting a baby with Mercedes before they tragically lost it


In a new blog post, Ayden’s fiancee Sarah Jane Honewell explains: ‘Ayden was going to be involved in a storyline on the soap he works at, where he would be the father of a stillborn baby and it would be filming around the time I was due to give birth.’

‘It’s wonderful that soap operas cover the heartbreaking, barely talked about subject of stillbirth. If it’s done well it can help all of us deal with it – but of all the actors in the show, I wished with all my heart that it didn’t have to be Ayden that was doing it.’

Sarah and Ayden had lost a baby not long before the scenes were filmed, so it’s totally understandable how difficult it must have been for her husband-to-be.

joe roscoe hollyoaks Ayden and Sarah have since welcomed baby Phoenix into the world…


Sarah added that although Ayden was scared of losing his job over asking to be cut, he still felt that it was the right decision. 

‘He didn’t know if he would be sacked, blacklisted and he certainly knew that he would lose money – but he loved me and the baby he hadn’t even met so much that he put his whole career on the line for us,’ she continued. 

Thankfully, the Hollyoaks team understood completely, and even happier, the couple have since welcomed their baby son, Phoenix, to the world.

Aw. We love a happy ending.