Have You Noticed This On Holly Willoughby’s Instagram?

We love Holly Willoughby for giving us a preview of her This Morning outfits on Instagram every day.

The 35-year-old makes sure we can all copy her look by sharing full-length snaps and telling us where she picked up each piece.

She even did it earlier today, captioning a shot of herself in a baby pink midi: ‘Thursday’s look on @itvthismorning … Dress by @wearcecily.’

> Holly Willoughby looked stunning in today’s image


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As expected, the majority of Holly’s followers are very complimentary of Holly’s daily uploads.

Comments on her most recent photo include: ‘Love this colour on you Holly,’ and: ‘You wear the most amazing clothes holly I loved that pale blue silk blouse you wore a few days ago and it really suited u x [sic].’



But for some reason, some people still feel the need to nit-pick. *Sigh*.

So, what’s the issue? Well it’s a little unexpected. Because basically, they’re not impressed with the backdrop that Holly uses for each of her images. Um.

Holly always takes her photos in the same spot, on a set of stairs next to a white brick wall. Judging by the fire safety steps, we’re guessing it’s backstage at the ITV studios.



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One follower asked: ‘I love your little fashion updates but can I ask why you take them in the stair well? X.’

Another said: ‘The ‘pose-on-the-steps-gazing-into-the-distance’ is getting a tad boring now…’ Oosh. A little harsh, no?



TBH, we can totally see why Holly chooses this area. That plain backdrop ensures her outfit does all the talking. And who cares anyway? It’s her Instagram page.

Keep ’em coming, lady!