Holly Willoughby Leads An Impassioned Discussion About ‘Upskirting’ On This Morning

It’s not the first time that Holly Willoughby has spoken out about ‘upskirting’ and the often sexist media reporting that follows it.

The morning after the BRIT Awards, the ITV presenter took to her own Instagram platform to call out photographers for attempting to get ‘upskirt’ shots of herself and a number of fellow celebrities as they left an after party.

‘At the beginning of the night we held white roses and walked down a red carpet full of the hope and pride that comes with the #timesupcampaign…

‘at the end of the night, cameras were held low to get a photo up our skirts… times apparently up on #timesup 😔 [sic],’ she wrote, alongside a handful of screengrabs of the offending pap shots.

On Thursday, Holly lead a segment on the ‘upskirting’ phenomenon for This Morning, inviting Gina Martin – who is campaigning for the worrying trend to be made a criminal offence – to join her on the famous sofa.

Co-host Phillip Schofield explained that working so closely with Holly has opened his eyes to how it happens within the industry.

‘You see the cameraman go really down on the floor,’ he said.

‘Oh yeah, they go really low, and then it’s “grapples with her assets”,’ Holly added, referring to the inevitable headlines that would accompany the pictures.

‘And it’s like, well that’s not what was happening… I was trying to hide my modesty, I was trying to protect myself,’ she said.

I was targeted by a creep, who put his hand between my legs and took pictures of my crotch without me knowing. 📱😔 I gave the police the phone, the picture and the guy… and they closed my case. 🗄And told me that if I hadn't been wearing knickers they might have been able to do more. 👗👚👙I started a petition to get him prosecuted and it now has 53,000 signatures. 👫👭👬Now, the fight has changed. I'm campaigning to get upskirting listed as a Sexual Offence and I need your help. 💭♥️ ✍🏽Sign the petition, share it with the women in your life and listen out, because soon i'm going to need your help to push our MP's to make a change. 🤜🏼💥🤛🏽 Let's do this, girls. 📣❤️ What you're wearing should have nothing to do with how you're treated. You are NOT the stylist of your own abuse. 😤🤛🏽 Link is in my bio. ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

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Their guest Gina made headlines in August last year, when her own account of ‘upskirting’ went viral. Documenting her experience on social media, she explained that, whilst at a music festival, she was ‘targeted by a creep’ who put his hand between her legs and took pictures without her knowledge.

She was later told by police that there was ‘nothing they could do’ as the photos weren’t ‘graphic’ enough – because Gina had been wearing underwear.

She is still campaigning to make ‘upskirting’ a sexual offence – and now, she has Holly Willoughby’s backing.

‘Well done you for being brave enough and making a stand,’ the This Morning star said. ‘I’m right behind you, I hope that it makes a change, finally.’

And so do we.