Holly Willoughby Has Announced Some Very Exciting Career News

By Jenni McKnight

From the editors of Good To Know

Holly Willoughby is following in some very famous footsteps after announcing she’s launching her own lifestyle brand.

The This Morning presenter took to Instagram to share her exciting news, uploading a black and white image of herself alongside her new venture’s name – Truly.

She said: ‘So…finally I get to tell you about something I’ve been working on passionately and secretly for a long time… This is TRULY, my new lifestyle brand that launches in the Autumn.

‘I’d love you to be part of the Truly family so please register here truly.co.uk (find the link in my bio above) to find out more and keep updated on all things TRULY. Let the adventure begin! #TRULY.’

Set to launch in the autumn, the site will cover home, fashion, baby, wellness, living and travel. It will also have a shop, blog and a forum where Holly’s fans can chat and get an insight into her life.

Alongside that, Truly will have a charitable foundation.

The welcome page on the website reads: ‘It’s about beautiful things that are of the highest quality, surprisingly affordable and designed to make your life easier.’

Speaking to The Guardian Weekend magazine, Holly explained the inspiration behind Truly.

She said: ‘For me, being a woman, it’s nice to have a space where you can have that honest, open conversation that isn’t too militant or frightening or one-way. It’s going to be very open and welcoming.’

Holly isn’t the first celebrity to launch their own lifestyle brand – perhaps the most famous is Gwyneth Paltrow, who launched Goop in 2008 and covers everything from fitness to travel.

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However, Holly laughed off similarities between the two, saying she doesn’t plan on being quite as adventurous with some of her topics.

She added: ‘So the only things I’ve heard on This Morning about Goop, we had some sort of vagina steamer thing that you put on the toilet with herbs and stuff.

‘As yet, on our list, there’s no vagina steamer.’