Why Holly Willoughby Struggled On Today’s This Morning

It seems that Holly Willoughby almost didn’t make it onto the famous sofa to present This Morning today. 

The 35-year-old ‘fessed up to viewers, ‘I just about made it – it was a bit touch and go last night…’


We’re so pleased you made it, lady.

The TV presenter explained that she’d been away for the weekend, ‘I had a bit of a girls’ weekend in Portugal, all very nice and then got to the airport and obviously didn’t know anything about the France traffic air strikes.’


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Holly explained that she spent hours in the airport waiting for a flight. 

She said, ‘Oh my goodness me, so we were stuck in the airport, one point it looked like they were going to cancel the flight.

‘Then it was a five hour delay and actually I have to say the airline manged to get it down to a three hour delay.’


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Poor Holly then went on to say that she hadn’t really had time to catch any Zs before heading off to work, saying, ‘By the time I got home last night it was 4 o’clock in the morning.’

The working mum asked the audience to ‘bear with’ her, explaining, ‘You know when you’re a little bit itchy eyed? So if I stumble and and I’m more rubbish than normal? Bear with.’

Oh, Holls. 

You always look gorgeous.