Holly Willoughby Shares Exciting News About One-Year-Old Son Chester

The This Morning presenter is over the moon to reveal that her son is now potty trained...

We know how quickly children grow up, but Holly Willoughby revealed some big news about her one-year-old son this week.

The This Morning presenter has now said goodbye to nappies for good after her youngest, Chester, told his mum he didn’t want to be a baby any more.

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holly willoughby

Holly shares some exciting news about her one-year-old son, Chester

Holly, who also has two other children Harry, 7, and Belle, 5, happily declared the news on her return to morning television yesterday and beamed that her household was now a “nappy-free zone”. Yippee.

Holly told viewers of the ITV show: “Chester turns two this month and he doesn’t want to wear nappies – or even be a baby.

“He won’t sit in a high chair, he won’t let you put a bib on him, anything that resembles being a baby he doesn’t want to do, which I think is to do with the older two.

“So nappies, he just kept pulling the tabs and taking his own nappy off, which obviously isn’t great.

“So I thought, ‘right, I’ll get you a potty but you’re a one-year-old boy, I’m not sure how this is going to work’, and for about two weeks in the house, he’d have no clothes on, he’d just go off and do a wee, and he was doing it he was fine.

“Then on Monday, I took him out for the first time, so we got one of those portable potties, had the tailgate down on the car, so there was no wee on the back of the car and it was fine.”

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The proud mum of three, who is married to producer Daniel Baldwin, added: “Anyway, he’s done it! We are now a nappy-free zone.”

Co-host and best pal Phillip Schofield was clearly as impressed with the potty-trained tot as we are, calling him “very clever”.

He added: “He also swims like a fish, he’s always swimming underwater without armbands.


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“He’s a very cool dude, he takes after his mother.” Aw.

Holly put her son’s fast learning down to having an older brother and sister. Well whatever the secret is, we’re sure mum’s everywhere will be seriously impressed (and maybe a little envious) of little Chester’s potty-going