Holly Willoughby Hits Back At *That* Unfair Assumption

If there’s one thing you can say about Holly Willoughby, it’s that she has a cracking sense of humour.

As well as covering some pretty hard-hitting topics on This Morning, the TV star is always game for a laugh with co-host Phillip Schofield, as well as pals Keith Lemon and Fearne Cotton on Celebrity Juice.

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But there’s one thing that we’ve always wondered – how does she really feel about that nickname?

You know the one we mean; how often have you heard or read the words ‘Holly Willoughbooby’ over the years? Exactly.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this play on Holly’s surname is ALL about her appearance, and really quite sexist.

In a new interview with the Guardian, Holly has revealed: ‘I can’t stand the assumption that I’m blonde and a bit stupid. In my younger days it was always such an easy option, an easy target, it used to drive me potty.’

She continued, ‘Being known as Holly Willoughbooby now is just a bit of silliness – it’s for a comedy show [Celebrity Juice].’

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But Holly did point out: ‘I don’t know that I’d give people an option to be sexist – it does not sit well with me.’

It doesn’t sit well with us either, Holls.

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The 35-year-old has become one of the most loved presenters in the UK, but it seems that it didn’t come easy to her.

Holly admits, ‘I’ve been really crap at my job. In the beginning I was terrible, although I enjoyed doing it, which was kind of more upsetting.

‘I spoke in a posh telephone voice, and I was so unnatural: I fixated on remembering lines rather than just speaking.

‘It took me two years working away from the camera in a TV studio until I went back to presenting.’

If that’s not proof that hard work pays off, we don’t know what is…