The One Thing You NEVER Knew About Holly Willoughby

We thought we knew a lot about This Morning‘s Holly Willoughby. But something’s just surfaced that we did not expect.

Holls was in S Club 7. Well, almost.


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It appears that the ITV presenter had a cameo in their noughties’ movie, S Club 7: Artistic Differences. And now we’ve seen it, we can’t believe we’ve never noticed it before.

Yup, a fresh-faced not-so-famous teenage Willoughby can be seen walking side-by-side with S Club’s Paul Cattermole, in their hit TV film.

>Oh, there she is!

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In case you’ve forgotten, the film saw the group get into a spot of bother, after falling out due to creative differences.


Holly’s character was called Zoe, and oh look, here she is on IMDB. Aw.



As if you needed to trip any further down memory lane, it seems as though she bagged her retro role after appearing on CITV’s S Club TV.


This is probably our favourite thing about today.