Holly Willoughby Is Criticised For Her Sports Show Role

Holly Willoughby is doing pretty well for herself, isn’t she?

Not only does she co-host This Morning and captain a team on Celebrity Juice, but she also presents sports show Play To The Whistle.

The programme’s second series kicked off (geddit?!) earlier this month, with Holly being rejoined by captains Bradley Walsh and Frank Lampard.

Holly Willoughby presents This Morning with Phillip Schofield


See: Holly Willoughby Loses Her Cool On Play To The Whistle

It’s safe to say the first episode was pretty eventful. Despite being one of the loveliest and bubbliest presenters on TV, Holly totally lost her cool with Bradley. Lolz.

Showing a rare angry streak, she was seen shouting at The Chase presenter when he misbehaved on set.

Holly Willoughby doesn’t mess around on Play To The Whistle


Announcing that he was disqualified, she then THREW a pack of cards at his head, leaving a shocked Bradley to crumple dramatically on the floor as he clasped his face.

‘I told you enough times and I have given you enough warnings,’ Holly shouted, before lobbing the deck at him.

So it’s safe to say that Holly knows how to keep the boys in check, right? But unfortunately for the mum-of-three, not everyone has been so kind about her role on the show.

Bradley Walsh looked pretty surprised by Holly Willoughby’s outburst. Lolz


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In fact, some viewers have suggested that she only got the primetime slot because of her ‘assets’. *Sigh*. Have they forgotten that she’s one of the most experienced hosts around?

These people reckon she doesn’t have enough sports knowledge, but ITV has actually said in the past that it’s a ‘family show’ and that they’re not targeting sports fans in particular.

Holly Willoughby has received cruel comments on Twitter


One sexist Tweet read: ‘Wife: Why’s Holly Willoughby hosting a sports quiz? Me: She’s got great tits Wife: Yeah but what’s she know about sport? Me: Great tits.’

Another said: ‘Why is holly willoughby even pretending to be interested in sports? #playtothewhistle.’

Hmm. Well, we think she’s doing a fab job. You go, lady!