Why This Morning Viewers Think Holly Willoughby Might Be Pregnant

Refusing a tequila shot on today's This Morning has left viewers convinced Holly might be hiding something from us...

Holly Willoughby is known for always having a serious laugh with her co-presenter Philip Schofield on This Morning.

Whether they’re collapsing into fits of giggles or making crude jokes to put each other off their segments, they’re both great sports on live TV.

And do you know what else Holly and Phil love doing on air? Drinking. Yep, these two definitely love a tipple, and were even seen downing shots the morning after the NTAs in their hungover state. LOLs.

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Holly refused on shot on today's This Morning...

Holly refused on shot on today’s This Morning…

Which is probably why This Morning fans grew very suspicious on today’s show when Holly said no to her favourite drink… Tequila.

During a segment about Christmas gifts, Holly was poured a shot by Steve Wilson, but whilst Phil knocked his back, Holly quickly denied that she even liked it: ‘It’s not my thing. I don’t know why you would think that.’

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And fans quickly assumed that it might be because she’s hiding a special secret…

‘@thismorning holly not drinking!!..is there a secret baby hidden’, guessed one.

‘Why did Holly refuse the tequila???? ????’ asked another,

However, others came to Holly’s defence, reasoning that it may just have been because it was early in the morning, therefore tequila is probably not most people’s first choice.

‘So because Holly refused to have some tequila everyone just assumes she’s pregnant maybe she just didn’t want it #ThisMorning’, another posted.

Holly has three children, Belle, Harry and Chester, and recently wrote a book about parenting called Truly Happy Baby.

She also mentioned earlier this year that she was broody for more, telling The Sun: ‘I love being pregnant and I love having babies.’

‘I don’t want that area of my life to be over because it makes me sad to think I’d not be doing it again.’