Holly Willoughby On The Awkward Parts Of Giving Birth

Listen up, mums-to-be! Holly Willoughby has some very important advice for you.

The 35-year-old has just released her new parenting book Truly Happy Baby – and it doesn’t gloss over any of the more, er, awkward parts of motherood.

Holly appeared on Lorraine this morning, where she spoke about the parts of pregnancy and birth that people don’t tend to hear about.


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She said: ‘I talk very openly about giving birth – even when it comes to the embarrassing stuff.

‘For example, when you go to the loo for the first time afterwards. It’s one of those things where nobody speaks about it.


‘But after you give birth, a nurse will normally come around afterwards and offer you orange juice. Well, I would like to say, when somebody hands you that orange juice, do NOT take it. Do not drink anything acidic!

‘Lots of little tips like that are all in the book.’

Holly and her husband Dan Baldwin have three children together, Harry, seven, Belle, five, and one-year-old Chester.


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When asked if she and Dan were planning to expand their family any further, the stunning blonde refused to rule it out.


She said: ‘I don’t like saying never, it’s over as I don’t like the idea of that chapter of my life to be closed forever. It makes me sad if I think I might not ever do that again.

‘I do feel like my family is all here now. I feel like my family is complete. But never say never.’